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Our vision is for every website to have AI-enhanced navigation to help users find what they're looking for. There are so many benefits – a better user experience, visitors get faster access to information, web editors save time and there's less need for technical support. So, to summarize – welcome to the future!

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GDPR, Schrems II, anonymity and security

Following the EU Schrems II ruling and GDPR, a lot has changed in terms of data processing. This is particularly relevant for businesses and public sector organizations handling sensitive data. Since’s concept is to personalize websites based on collective user behavior rather than individual data, our service is very future proof.

No IP numbers collected never stores any IP numbers or identifiers, but is based on total anonymization of your visitors.

No cookies is built from the requirement to be independent of cookies. This is because we convinced you that the future means an anonymous internet.

The customer owns the data

The data stored when using your website is owned by you and can always be inspected and downloaded.

Tailored to the public sector, intranets and web administrators

Public sector sorts, personalizes and improves the user experience on websites that have a large amount of data and subpages.

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Improve your website's flow, enhance user experience and achieve lower bounce rates and opt outs by implementing

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The right content for the right person, quickly and easily, with a better user experience – fully automated using

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The anonymous data gathering process starts right after installation. 24 hours later, your first AI model is complete and ready for testing.


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