What is rek.ai?

You’ve probably experienced how difficult and frustrating it can be to find the information you are looking for on various websites. Our service uses artificial intelligence to tailor the content to each visitor. After implementing Rek.ai, each visitor will see relevant subpages, news and events – in fact, almost everything on your website will be optimized at an individual level. This means automatic and personalized content – around the clock. 

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Rek.ai’s biggest benefit is that it significantly improves user experience on your website. Previous results have shown that the solution leads to lower exit rates, a higher level of interaction and a lower bounce rate. It also saves you and your colleagues time and money. What’s more, the dashboard gives you automatic access to qualified web analytics that would normally take ages to produce manually.

Application areas

Rek.ai can be used in a wide variety of settings and on various types of websites. The recommendations that visitors receive depend on their search history and can be adapted to the browser language.
By using Rek.ai-generated ‘top lists’, visitors can instantly find the pages they are looking for without having to spend precious time searching the site. The lists could include news, FAQs, or even a sub-menu.

Navigation suggestions
News or events

With the help of Rek.ai-generated ‘top lists’, visitors can instantly find the relevant pages without having to spend time searching. The lists could include news, FAQs, or even a sub-menu.

Search autocomplete

Rek.ai can work as an add-on to your current website and search engine. By letting an Al model suggest keywords, you can increase the time your users spend on your website. Since Rek.ai understands which pages are actually visited on your website, this product differs from search engines that only know which pages are searched for.

As a result, the product can recommend keywords based on the user instead of the search pattern, giving visitors a much better experience. The keyword feature can recommend synonyms, autocorrection, and correct domain-specific spelling. This means that the system can learn the words that are important to your organization (e.g., names of people, administrations or places) and correct searches accordingly.

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Language independent

Rek.ai works equally well regardless of what language the website or individual pages are written in.

Since Rek.ai does not interpret page content or page names, using only the URL to distinguish between the objects to be recommended, the system is completely language independent. This means that Rek.ai can be used on all websites, regardless of the language in which the website pages are written, and even if the website contains several different languages. The pages are recommended according to the language settings of the visitor’s browser or the country in which the visitor is located.


As a Rek.ai project owner, you will have access to our dashboard, where you can view information about the project and use various features.

We are constantly improving and developing the Rek.ai dashboard, and new features will be added continuously. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us at support@Rek.ai

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