En teknisk översikt

Technical overview

Rek.ai is a cloud-based recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence. The system collects anonymized usage statistics from the customer’s website. The Rek.ai model is then regularly trained using the collected data, so that your website can provide personalized recommendations to each individual visitor without the need for programming or additional development costs.

Our recommendation engine is 100 percent modular and scalable. 

The system’s integration capabilities are constantly changing and improving, and thanks to our platform’s independence, we’re never bound by technical limitations – we can change parts of the system as the industry changes and we are always up to date. 

rek.ai kan integreras med alla CMS


Rek.ai is not dependent on any specific CMS used on your websiteand it requires no installation or modification of your web servers to use it. Since the integration of Rek.ai only involves adding a JavaScript to your website and a <div> where the recommendations should be presented, it also requires no development resources or test environments.

Tutorials are available for all our examples, which are adapted to the most common CMSs. Sample codes are available for the more advanced features, and the codes are updated and expanded continuously.

The SiteVision platform also includes a web app where editors can present their recommendations.

Ett föredrag för redakötrer

Web editors

Rek.ai is incredibly simple. It was developed on the basic premise that editors’ work should not be affected by new requirements or workflows. They never have to tag information, use special templates or compile long lists of the pages that Rek.ai incorporates.

Helt förvaltningslöst

Administration and development

Rek.ai is completely autonomous. There is no need for updates, data entry or tagging of new or old information.

When new pages, languages ​​or other information is added to the website, Rek.ai will evaluate the new information and recommend it to visitors based on the basic parameters used. 

Handover to a new administrator does not require any training. 

Egna värden integreras i rek.ai

Your own values

Rek.ai supports adding custom values, so you can customize the features exactly how you want to. The system can read and interpret 20 open parameters (custom features), which you can customize yourself. There are no limits on how you choose to use them, and they can use both external and internal values. JavaScript allows you to control the value of the parameters on a case-by-case basis.

Examples of what your custom features can be used for:

– Information on whether the visitor is currently logged in

– Information on whether the visitor has visited a specific page on your website

– Information on if the Swedish trainline ‘SJ’ is experiencing delays

– Information on if there is a big event going on in the local region or area 

– Information on whether the logged in visitor has performed a certain ‘action’

– Information on if an event has occurred which may affect the visitor 

– Show which department a visitor works for in an organization through the intranet

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