A Swedish start-up company

We are a start-up whose business idea is to create a portfolio of AI-powered tools for websites, all based on our proprietary platform.

We believe that every website should have an AI-enhanced navigation that helps all visitors find exactly what they are looking for.

We are confident that this development will benefit all types of visitors and ultimately lower the threshold for all internet users.

The team

Johan Albertsson


Robin Tuorda

Head of Sales

Thomas Papatziamos


Tomas Berfors

Account Executive

Mårten Engström

Sales Development Finland

Johanna Axhusen

Implementation Specialist

Emil Helleday

Sales Development

Our vision

The endless possibilities that artificial intelligence can offer website visitors are of course impossible to predict. However, it is not unlikely that in the future we will see websites built around an AI engine that adapts all content to the individual visitor. We believe that Rek.ai will play an important role in this development, and our vision is for all websites to have AI-powered navigation that helps visitors find what they’re looking for.

Together with AI Sweden, we develop AI technology in Sweden

We partner with AI Sweden, Sweden’s national Artificial Intelligence center. AI Sweden has support from the state, business life, and public sector, with the goal to improve the lives of all who live in Sweden with AI’s help.

Read more about AI Sweden here.

En robot i öknen

AI around the world

Artificial intelligence is developing at a revolutionary pace and will eventually impact the planet’s entire population. A few years ago, you wouldn’t have imagined that you would one day be able to pay with your watch. The number of services and digital products that use AI in some way to simplify, improve or speed up is growing exponentially. Technological advances are leading to innovative solutions that no one would have dared to dream of.

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