Create the user experience
of the future

Enabling personalized experience for all web site visitors through Artificial Intelligence

Personalized surfaces using artificial intelligence

Through artificial intelligence, you can highlight the information on the website that the current visitor is looking for; completely without you as an administrator having to manage or update the recommendations.

Usability and customer experience

By recommending pages and information to the visitor, you create a personalized website whose navigation quickly leads the visitor right. The result is increased usability and a better customer experience.

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Improve the experience of the website

Help your website visitors find the right information without getting frustrated

Increase the fulfillment of the website's goals

Help your visitors complete their task and increase your conversions

Save time and money for web analytics and customer service

By letting analyze and elevate your content, you will reduce your costs for web analytics and customer service.

Customers works with all types of websites. Whether it is large content websites, member pages, intranets, municipal websites or pure product websites.

Developed together with the users and customers

During the development of the service, we have worked closely with a number of test customers to be able to develop the product with the support of an agile approach.

Our long background in several different industries has been the basis for a product that is carefully adapted to requirements such as GDPR, huge amounts of information and a large number of content creators.

Artificiell intelligens för personalisering med hjälp av

Works with all content management systems works with all content management systems as well as with completely customized solutions. Whether you use SiteVision, EpiServer, Wordpress or something else, you can harness the power of AI powered personalization.

Automatically adapt web sites tailoring them to every individual visitor

By building AI models for every website we can raise the user experience and lower costs.
The model takes into account factors such as date, weather, distance and if the user is browsing on a mobile or desktop device (in total over 60 factors).
All of these so-called features will be used for the system to be trained, and then predict which pages the current visitor most likely looking for. creates a solution that is:

  • Adapting sites by harnessing the power of deep learning
  • Automatically recommend correct:
    • content
    • search words
    • navigation
  • Increasing engagement and satisfied customers
  • Minimize Time-To-Content

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Partners collaborates with several web agencies to help you through all parts of a successful AI project.


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