AI generates personal recommendations in Advania’s new intranet


The comprehensive end-to-end supplier of IT solutions, Advania, required a new intranet within the organisation. They saw the potential of creating a user-friendly experience for their visitors and the possibility of reducing administration internally for the HR department and service desk when they came in contact with


Advania was and had been, for some time, in need of a user-friendly intranet made for their employees. Although the previous system contained a lot of information, the structure made it feel more like a portal than an intranet, with no easy navigation and inefficient search capabilities. Finding correct information was not easy. The collaboration with began in January 2021 – an exciting project where Advania, as a tech company, had a positive approach to integrating AI technology into its digital solutions.


Advania wanted the new intranet to be a place where employees could easily search for information, take part in a newsfeed, and, based on the department they’re working in, along with their work title, get personal recommendations of content. The goal was to offer a natural, digital workplace where information that simplifies the work-life easily could be found.

The purpose of the intranet was also to minimise the number of emails sent and to ease the administration of HR and the service desk. Advania also wanted to improve cross-sales and support the onboarding process of new employees.


AI blocks such as quick find, related content, and related news now assist employees in finding the information they need. The intranet is user-friendly, easy to navigate and with a search function. Based on interest and work title, the relevant information is presented. Since it is an online solution, most employees automatically access the intranet when opening their browsers to quickly gain an overview of news and information.

We are satisfied and this generates even more value for us! has developed even more solutions since the launch of our intranet, such as a dashboard and statistics that enable us to analyse our intranet traffic. We are happy with the solution and can see how it generates even more value for us.

Sofie Frick

Sofie Frick

Service Delivery Manager


Reactions to the new intranet have been positive. Many employees find it easier to navigate the information they’re looking for. Emails regarding administrations for HR and the service desk have decreased just like Adania wished for, and new colleagues mention a great difference from previous workplaces. Advania’s internal goal was to have 80% of employees log in to the new intranet within six months. This goal was achieved shortly after the intranet went live.

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