AI shortens the way to the required landing page for Skellefteå municipality


The municipality’s website and intranet use AI support to automate as much content as possible, both to improve user-friendliness and to relieve editorial work.


Skellefteå municipality previously worked with a great deal of manual handling to lift material that was considered relevant information. They analysed their statistics for that purpose, but lacked the ability to deliver personalised information in real-time to different visitors.


With the help of new AI technology and investment in a new CMS, Sitevision, they wanted to offer a smart, personalised digital user world-class experience.

One of the goals with was to facilitate the decisions that the visitor makes on the website. Another was to be able to offer relevant search results and pages in order to create a personalised experience. The municipality focuses around data-driving and therefore thought that the solution was the perfect fit.


Popular pages
Quick Links under the heading “Popular pages” in several places on the intranet and on the external website.

Search word suggestions
The municipality uses adaptive search word suggestions to enhance the user experience in the internal search function and guides visitors by suggesting search words when the visitor begins to write in the search field. The AI model knows which page the user has visited when the search is made and also knows which pages most visitors are usually heading to from that point. E-services hosted by OpenE have been indexed and added to the search word suggestions.

Relevant Articles
When a visitor has finished reading a news item, recommends two new relevant news items to inspire further reading.

Flexible and personalised platform enabled by AI

On our new platform, we use to present popular pages, e-service suggestions, keyword suggestions and related news. We see great potential in the solution and look forward to developing the website with more AI functionality.

Maria Holm

Maria Holm

Communication strategist
Skellefteå municipality


AI improves the user-friendliness of the website and more people are inspired to take part in information that they might have missed otherwise, both in link collections and under the related news. Quick links give 25-49% clicks and news recommendations give 23-30% clicks from those who start a search. The related news gives 15-20% more reading of content that the municipality has continuously invested resources in creating.

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