The new AI of Emmaboda municipality help navigate visitors correctly


The Emmaboda Municipality website presents information to a target group with an age range of nearly a hundred years. Facilitating the website visit by matching the vast content to different user personas took too much time internally. The solution was found in the AI module from After implementation, an enormous time efficiency has been achieved, and higher accuracy for each visitor accessing the information. Now the municipality is looking forward to using its new AI.


On the Emmaboda Municipality website, a significant number of questions are answered every day. Topic-wide information ranging from school year details to how to get a building permit is found on the same site. This means the website has to address the needs of a ten-year-old just as much as those of a pensioner, and none of them visits the page for purposes other than finding that specific information. It thus has become important to better assist the visitor in navigating this wide range of content to find the answer to each particular query more efficiently.

Before the collaboration with, an untenable amount of time was spent internally at the municipality updating entry pages manually by guessing what the visitors would expect and want. The vision for the AI solution was to be able to automatically narrow down to even more topic-relevant information for the user on while saving working hours internally.

Solution allowed the municipality to insert a module into their Sitevision CMS system to automatically adapt relevant information to the visitor on selected web pages. The AI module collects data on the visitor’s browser´s geographic location, search history, at what time of day the visit was done and from which type of device. All collected data is anonymised and can’t be traced to any specific user.

Emmaboda municipality could easily choose pages to recommend relevant content for the visitor. More “Quick find”-buttons were placed on the entry page to help the user get to the correct part of the site. The website search function will be integrated with the AI module to provide “autocomplete suggestions” based on the visitor’s needs. As the E-service “My pages” is implemented, it will also be connected to the search engine.

The municipality has seen an enormous improvement in time efficiency can facilitate so many things, externally and internally, for our employees looking for information. We also look forward to expanding our collaboration and implementing on our intranet.

Zoran Cipra

Zoran Cipra

Web strategist
Emmaboda Municipality

Emmaboda Municipality has been using since 2021 and has saved an enormous amount of time internally as the site automatically has relevant updates and content customised to visitors. The ever more relevant and up-to-date information being presented has also contributed to an enhanced user experience. By using the many shortcuts shown on the starting page, the user can easily navigate and access the information they are looking for.

Going forward, Emmaboda Municipality looks forward to upcoming reporting functions from to present an even better accuracy, using statistics on what the users want to adapt the website further.

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